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Are you an acupuncturist getting ready to hire your first employee?
Not sure where to start or what documents you need?
I can help!

Hi, I'm Alycia. I opened my practice in 2014 and, after practicing solo for 5 years, I decided it was time to bring on some help. I figured it would be easy, lots of people have employees, Right? How hard could it be?

I was FLOORED by how much work it was just to hire someone PART TIME. There were SO MANY things I didn't know about like payroll taxes, employment contracts, employee handbooks, forms and forms and more forms!!! I spent weeks carefully writing pages and pages of new material to expand my practice and I want to share all of that hard work with you.


When you purchase my Acupuncture Employment Packet you'll get the complete download of all of my hard work including:

  1. A Job Application template

  2. An Offer Letter template

  3. An Employment Contract template

  4. An Acupuncture Specific Employee Handbook template

  5. A Hep B waiver template

  6. A Sexual Harassment Notice template

  7. An Emergency Contact template

  8. A Direct Deposit template

  9. A list of government forms that need to be completed when you hire an employee. 

  10. A handy checklist to ensure you've covered all of your bases

All clearly marked so you can add your practice name and finishing touches in a jiffy.

That's OVER 40 PAGES of Documents that YOU won't have to write from scratch!!

I spent WEEKS and HUNDREDS of dollars creating and compiling these documents


and I'm giving you the WHOLE PACKAGE for only $250!

Once you complete the checkout below you'll receive an email with a link and access password. I recommend saving all of the documents right away so you can edit them later. Then you can add your business name, employee's name and your personal business policies (like your pay rates and dress code) to each document as needed. 

What are you WAITING FOR?

Start your hiring process the easy way and get back to being an amazing acupuncturist!

*Disclaimer: None of the information on this page or in any of the documents should be construed to be legal or financial advice. I am not a lawyer and you should always consult with your attorney and accountant before entering into any contract with employees or otherwise. Fly Again Acupuncture PLLC and Alycia Askew L.Ac. assume no responsibility for how you use the documents in the Acupuncture Employment packet or the outcomes of such actions. These documents were created for a practice in New York State. You should check with your state Department of Labor or your attorney to determine if your state has any additional requirements.

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