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Acupuncture can help irritable bowel

If your body takes "better out than in" a little too literally...


...Acupuncture and herbal medicine may be the solution you have been looking for.


According to the National Institute of Health between 60 and 70 million people are plagued with digestive diseases each year. These people spend almost 98 billion dollars annually trying to get well. Are you one of these people?


Digestive disorders can wreak havoc on your daily life bringing pain, discomfort, nausea, and (everyone's favorite) high speed trips to the restroom. Unfortunately, for some people these symptoms progress to an intensity that requirest hospitalization, surgery, or medicaiton.


Chinese medicine has been proven effective for a variety of digestive disorders including, but not limited to, dysentery, gastritis, peptic ulcers, gastrospasm, and general nausea and vomiting.


Stop living in fear of your bowels. Call to make an appointment (518) 232-1759 or click below.

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