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Acupuncture can treat headaches

Ohhhh My Head


There are about a hundred different reasons a person can get a headache and just about everyone has experienced that mind numbing, head splitting, sensation.


For many people a fix for their headache is far less simple than cutting down on concerts and heavy drinking. Headache disorders plague about 47% of the world's adult population and not everyone is satisfied by the treatment options offered by western medicine.


Luckily, the World Health Organization found that acupuncture is an effective treatment for releiving headaches as well as some of the underlying causes of headaches like hypertension and stress.


At Fly Again Acupuncture we have personal experience working with headache patients using acupuncture and herbs and we have had good results.


Stop the pounding, aching, throbbing, or stabbing in your head. Make an appointment today. Call (518) 232-1759 or click below.



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